You Can Play

The Portland Pirates are teaming up with the You Can Play project to promote equality, safety, and respect throughout competitive sports. The You Can Play project was established to fight against discrimination, challenge old locker room ethics, and spread the word that “if you can play, then you can play,” regardless of sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. Their mission is based on the belief of “Gay athletes. Straight Allies. Teaming up for Respect.” With the help of Pirates forward and You Can Play Board Member Andy Miele, the Portland Pirates are working diligently to spread the cause, by signing a large pledge to be hung in the Pirate’s home playing facility.

Furthermore, the entire Portland Pirate’s team has this pledge to not only welcome the idea of an environment free from harassment and intimidation, but to also hold themselves accountable. The Portland Pirates pledge to support every player, coach, teammate, and fan-regardless of their sexual orientation. They have pledged to judge every person equally based on character, attitude, skill, and work habits; not on their sexual preference.

With the ongoing efforts of the Portland Pirates organization and the support from the local community, we are confident that we can tackle this problem head first and assure that everyone is treated with fairness and equality. Everyone should be given an equal opportunity not only in sport, but in life, and with your commitment we promise that everyone will be given that opportunity because, “if you can play, then you can play.” For more information, or to take the pledge yourself, please visit