Goals for Success

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The Portland Pirates would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a community outreach program called "Goals For Success."
"Goals For Success" is considered an assembly and would require the use of the school's gymnasium or auditorium. The program is aimed at students in grades 3-6, and we request that a minimum of 100 students be present. The program is intended to run 45-60 minutes with two (2) Portland Pirates players combining audience participation with their remarks.
Over the course of the last nine seasons, more than 22,000 children have participated in the Pirates Goals for Success Program.
More about the program...
The program was created to educate school children about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles, to influence them to set goals and to make correct choices in their lives, and to get involved in extra-curricular activities. The Pirates speak to the group about their own experiences as professional athletes, their goals, and what healthy choices they have made to achieve success in their careers. The topics that will be covered during the assembly are:
  • The importance of setting goals for yourself (short- and long-term)
  • Achieving your goals
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Maintaining proper nutrition and keeping your body fit by exercising
  • The importance of balancing schoolwork with extra-curricular activities (work before play)
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and good work ethic
  • Giving back to the community
  • Living Tobacco Free
If your school would like to inquire about scheduling a "Goals For Success" program for the 2014-2015 season contact Jeff Mannix by sending an e-mail to jmannix@portlandpirates.com.  Please be sure to include your name, the name of your school and town along with the principal's name and contact information.